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  • Tackling The Textbook Giants, By Brian Berlardi

    Professor Noel Capon has something in common with his students: he thinks the price of textbooks has gotten out of hand. “It’s a serious social issue,” he says.

    Capon likens the landscape of the textbook industry to that of the airline industry in the 1950s and ’60s, describing it as a “cozy oligopoly” in which the different players “compete for authors and over the quality of the books but not on price.”

  • Capon’s Top 3 Marketers Of 2007

    Everyone has his or her own choices for the top marketers of 2007, so I don’t expect you to agree with me. And my choices are not the result of any scientific study — I did that a few years ago when I wrote The Marketing Mavens — they are informed by my experiences and biases, just as I’m sure that yours are.
  • How To Win Friends And Influence People

    On Thursday March 27, I took British Airways’ (BA) day flight from JFK to Heathrow. On Saturday I was due to talk about customer value to a group of high-level strategic account directors at a global software company. I planned to tell them that success in value delivery would guarantee customer satisfaction and enable them to retain and grow their customers, increase profits, and lead to greater shareholder value. I relaxed in my Club World backward-facing seat and concentrated on the task ahead.
  • Marketing Rules On The Campaign Trail

    Barack Obama did not go to business school, but he will win the U.S. presidency because he understands the core principle of developing a market strategy - the positioning statement. Similar to how L'Oreal became an industry leader by telling a consistent story to its customers ("Because You're Worth It"), Barack Obama has offered voters a consistent message: "The Change We Need." It's everywhere: in his speeches, in the advertising, and in the placards held his by supporters at campaign events. By contrast, John McCain's message has been inconsistent and confused.