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Capon's Blog

Blog posts by our own Chair Noel Capon
  • My week in China

    This past summer (2013) I spent one week in China for the official launch of Marketing for China's Managers: Current and Future. MCM is based largely on Managing Marketing in the 21st Century and Capon's Marketing Framework but is specially directed to Chinese students and managers. To accomplish the adaptation, I was joined as co-uthor by Professor Yuhuang Zheng from Tsinghua University.

  • Sales Eats First

    Marketing needs sales, and sales needs marketing. Yet in many firms, senior marketing executives have little or no sales experience so interactions between the two functions are less than optimal. The purpose of this blog is to educate marketers about what senior sales executives should be doing. That way, inter-functional conversations can be more productive.
  • Global Customers Seek Global Firms

    Q & A With Noel Capon

    Noel Capon talks about how firms can retain and grow their most valued customers by shifting from country-based account management to global account management.

  • Tackling The Textbook Giants, By Brian Berlardi

    Professor Noel Capon has something in common with his students: he thinks the price of textbooks has gotten out of hand. “It’s a serious social issue,” he says.

    Capon likens the landscape of the textbook industry to that of the airline industry in the 1950s and ’60s, describing it as a “cozy oligopoly” in which the different players “compete for authors and over the quality of the books but not on price.”