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About Us

The Wessex Press Commitment

Our Vision:  To ensure better futures by building a community of interconnected educators and students.

Our Mission:  We are a publishing company that makes textbooks and other learning materials more accessible to college students and life-long learners globally. We operate at the cutting edge of technology, and provide traditional and e-learning tools to students and instructors.

We are committed to doing so by:

  • Producing the highest quality textbooks and simulation tools at affordable prices.
  • Offering students flexibility and choice with multiple print and electronic versions.
  • Supporting professors with an array of instructor materials and teaching aids.
  • Working with authors who are leaders in their fields.
  • Customizing books for international markets.
  • Leveraging technology to reach customers globally.
  • Providing personalized customer service with dedicated team members who respond directly to your communications.


A Message from Wessex Press Founder Noel Capon