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Your favorite titles are now published by Wessex Press.

Wessex Press (formerly Axcess Capon) was founded by Noel Capon, R.C. Kopf Professor of International Marketing, past Chair of the Marketing Division (2000-2006), Columbia Business School, NY, NY.

In the early 2000s, Professor Capon recognized a serious issue regarding the price of textbooks for college/graduate students. Many students could not afford to purchase textbooks, and some faculty began teaching without textbooks. Regardless of cause, classroom participation suffered and student learning declined. Wessex Press started as a means for Professor Capon to make his work in marketing available to a global audience. Wessex has since expanded into sales and account management, and many other disciplines.

The cost of a college education in the U.S. and many other countries is high, and rising faster than the inflation rate. The price of textbooks from traditional publishers frequently exceeds $200. In our uncertain global economy, high textbook prices put an enormous strain on student budgets.

At Wessex Press, textbook prices start under $50. Many marketing professors have testified to the quality of Professor Capon’s marketing textbooks. We are receiving similar laudatory comments as Wessex’s book list expands.

Wessex textbooks and instructor materials embrace new technology. We link the written word to learning materials -- audio files, documents, videos -- via the Internet, using the proprietary Axcess Capon code system. And we are the first textbook publisher globally to launch a range of video books.

Each Wessex textbook is available in several versions: e-book, black and white paperback, full color paperback, full color hardback. Students choose the version that suits their needs and their budgets. Students may purchase Wessex textbooks on this website -- www.wessexlearning.com -- and pay the wholesale price. At least one version of each textbook is available for less than $100; less than $50 for marketing textbooks.

We hope that students enjoy the high quality of our products, and the low prices. To adopting instructors: thank you for your support, and for assigning a Wessex textbook; we know you have made a good choice for your students. Please pass on the word to your local colleagues, and to colleagues at other educational institutions.

If you are an instructor new to Wessex, please give us a try. We know that changing a textbook can be painful, but you will be doing your students a big favor. Wessex eases the pain by providing a significant quantity of teaching aids. Go to the Instructor tab for further information.

Although Wessex Press is based in New York, we have global reach. First, our e-books are available instantly, wherever there is an Internet connection. Second, versions of Wessex’ marketing textbooks are published in Asia Pacific, China, Europe, India, the Mid-East, Spanish Latin America. Other geographically-targeted versions are on the way. We hope you will join the Wessex Press family as an instructor or student.

From its founding as Axcess Capon, Wessex Press has striven to offer inexpensive world-class textbooks; to be at the cutting edge of technology; and far ahead of major publishers in customer service for both students and adopting professors. Try us, and see for yourself.

Please feel free email us at contact@wessexlearning.com We hope you enjoy Wessex textbooks.


The Wessex Press Publishing Co. team