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E-Book Instructions

eBooks can be accessed using the Flux Player app or your browser with the app being the recommended access method. eBooks can be accessed on two computers or mobile devices, but printing is not permitted. Note that using both the app and a browser on the same device will be considered two separate devices.

Using the Flux Player app - The player app manages download, storage, and viewing of the eBooks. Once the eBook is downloaded by the player, just open the player to access the content anytime, anywhere without the need of a browser or internet connection.  

If you are already using the Flux Player just open the player to access your content. Otherwise, take the following steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the “Get Player App” button and download and install the Flux Player app.
  3. Open the Flux Player app and sign-in with your Wessex Learning account email and password. 

Windows Users: To locate the player after installation, press the Windows key (bottom-left, next to the CRTL key) and type the first few letters of the player name and press the Enter key. After the player appears in the list, you can also right-click on the player and pin the player to the Taskbar or send a shortcut to the desktop.

Mac Users: To locate the player after installation, choose Go>Applications from the main Apple Finder menu. Then locate the player in that folder and start it. You can also drag the player icon to the Dock or create an alias on the desktop to make it easier to access.

Other platform users: After installation from the app store, search for the app and open.

Viewing in your browser - As an alternative, you can access the content directly in your browser using the Quick Online Access option at If you are already logged in, just click on the content you want to view and then click the Read button. Otherwise, with your Wessex Learning account email and the Flux Player password. 

Note: Your license limits the number of devices you can use to access the content. Using both the app and a browser on the same device will be considered as separate devices.

Annotation and Highlighting

To use the annotation and highlighting features, click at the beginning of the desired text, hold the Shift key and click at the end of the desired text. Tap and drag on mobile devices. Then choose Annotate or Highlight from the pop-up menu. The Annotation and Highlighting Panel will open showing the Page number and highlighted text. Click the Pencil icon to change highlight color or then select the Trash Can icon to delete the highlight or annotation. When choosing Annotate, you also have the option of adding your own comments or notes. In addition, you can quickly add Page Notes by choosing the New Page Notes icon.

The Annotation and Highlighting feature also includes the ability to Search annotations and highlights and sort the search results by Newest, Oldest, or Location. Filters allow showing or hiding Page Notes, Annotations, Highlights, and Only the Current Page. The Eye icon quickly hides or shows highlights.

Annotations and highlights are stored in the cloud, so you can access and add more annotations and highlights even when using a different device.


Non-technical and sales questions should be sent to

If you need technical support, choose Help>Contact Support from the menu in the Flux Player app. If using your browser, choose the Support Request option at

You can also write to