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  • My week in China

    This past summer (2013) I spent one week in China for the official launch of Marketing for China's Managers: Current and Future. MCM is based largely on Managing Marketing in the 21st Century and Capon's Marketing Framework but is specially directed to Chinese students and managers. To accomplish the adaptation, I was joined as co-uthor by Professor Yuhuang Zheng from Tsinghua University.


    Professor Zheng was largely responsible for making the necessary content changes. Makreting for China's Managers is published in Mandarin by Chine Youth Press and in English by Peking University Press. The English-language version is also available as a printed book and downloadable pdf Sales results in China are promising -- the book is now in its third printing -- and such major institutions as Peking Uinversity have already adopted Marketing for China's Managers for their students.

    While in Beijing I participated in the official Marketing for China's Managers launch ceremony at the Coumbia University Global Center. Well over 100 people attended. Professor Zheng and I each made presentations. We also participated in a round-table discussion with leading Chinese marketing executives. The entire event was very well received. Professor Zheng and I also participated in an interview session hosted by Amazon's China subsidiary.

    Interview conducted with Professor Capon and Professor Zheng at Amazon's Beijing offices from Noel Capon on Vimeo.