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  • Jacqueline Brux

    Jacqueline Brux

    Jacqueline Brux served as founder and Director of the Center for International Development and as  Chair of the Department of Economics during her tenure at the University of Wisconsin – River Falls (UW-RF) from 1986-2015. She also was a faculty member at UW-Oshkosh and Eastern Michigan University. Her courses covered Economic Development, International Studies, Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory, Economic Principles, and Modern Economic Issues.

    Dr. Brux completed her Ph.D. in Economics at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and her B.S. in Political Science and Economics at UW-Stevens Point.

    She applied her commitment to exploring issues-oriented Economics, developed throughout her 25-plus-year teaching career, to her text, Economic Issues and Policy, now in its eighth edition. Dr. Brux also describes herself as a social activist, addressing issues of immigration, poverty, racism, and violence.

    Dr. Brux has written and presented many articles and papers, covering such topics as the effect of economic reform on standards of living in Cuba, Vietnam, Ghana, and Russia after traveling to these countries. She has conducted research on group-based microenterprise credit for poor women in Uganda and Kenya, as well as other topics focused on women in development. She has conducted extensive research on multicultural students and study abroad, and implemented many of her proposals at UW-RF. She also has been a prolific grant writer, having written and received more than 30 grants for research, development, and institutional enhancement initiatives.