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  • Jacqueline Brux

    Jacqueline Brux

    Jacqueline Brux served as Chair, Department of Economics, at the University of Wisconsin – River Falls (UW-RF), from 1995-1998, and taught at UW-RF from 1986-2015. She also was a faculty member at UW-Oshkosh and Eastern Michigan University. Her courses covered Economic Development, International Studies, Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory, Economic Principles, and Modern Economic Issues.

    Jacqueline completed her Ph.D. in Economics at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and her B.S. in Political Science and Economics at UW-Stevens Point.

    She applied her commitment to exploring issues-oriented Economics, developed throughout her 25-plus-year teaching career, to her text, Economic Issues and Policy.

    “When I was young, I wanted to save the world from hunger and poverty. Yes, I know, a big stretch. But I read everything I could, went to college, went to graduate school, and got my Ph.D. in Economics. I focused on two areas: economic development of poor countries and U.S. socio-economic justice. This led me to a teaching career with considerable travel across Africa, Asia, and Latin America. I also taught classes that focused on the economics of social issues, and my framework for social justice spurred me to write a textbook addressing these issues … the birth of Economic Issues and Policy.”

    Jacqueline describes herself as a social activist, addressing issues of immigration, poverty, and hunger. She is active in "Health Care for All Minnesota," a citizen group dedicated to educating the public about health care finance so voters can make informed choices. She has been a member of Bread for the World,  a citizens’ lobby on social and economic justice issues, since 1974.

    She has written many articles and papers, covering such topics as economic reform in Cuba and Vietnam, multicultural students studying abroad, and economic reform in Ghana:

    • A Comparative Analysis of the Effects of Economic Reform on the Quality of Life in Cuba and Vietnam, UWRF Center for Economic Research, March 2002
    • “Multicultural Students in Study Abroad: Their Interests, Their Issues, and Their Constraints”, published by Sage Journals Online on August 11, 2009, and the Journal of Studies in International Education, December 2010.
    • “Economic Reform in Ghana: A Case Study with Implications for Sub-Saharan African Countries Engaged in Economic Reform”, International Third World Studies Journal & Review, Oct. 1999, 9 pages.

    Jacqueline has presented at numerous conferences, including papers on microenterprise credit, poverty, gender considerations and international study:

    • “Microenterprise Credit as Fundamental Reform: The Case of East Africa, Presentation to the Wisconsin Sociology Association, UW-River Falls, Oct.11, 2012
    • “Poverty with Dignity,” presentation to the UWRF Center for Economic Research, April 2011
    • “Gender Considerations in Rural Development and Micro-Enterprise Credit among Indigenous People in Latin America: A Select Survey and Analysis of the Literature”, paper presented at the UWRF College of Business and Economics seminar series (March 2005) and presented at the Minnesota Conference on International Development, University of Minnesota, April 2005.
    • “Underrepresented U.S. Students and International Study”, paper presented at the poster session of the Council on International Educational Exchange Conference, Underrepresented Faces and Nontraditional Places, November 2002, Atlanta, Georgia

    She also has been a prolific grant writer, having written and received more than 30 grants for research, development and institutional enhancement initiatives.