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Sales Management: Shaping Future Sales Leaders 3rd Edition

Sales Management: Shaping Future Sales Leaders 3rd Edition

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In addition to having PhDs, the book’s author team have all worked in sales roles. As a result, this textbook balances the emphasis between theory and practice,  with a practical emphasis on how sales management gets done. The book’s structure helps students better understand the career progression from being a salesperson who works well with a sales manager (Part One), to becoming a sales manager (Part Two), and progressing to a sales leadership role (Part Three). Incorporating current theory with practical applications, role plays, caselets and cases, this textbook will support the instructor who is seeking to prepare students to lead high-performance sales organizations.
Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Executive Profile

Chapter 1: 3 Key Skills for Effective Sales Management Brian Tracy

Chapter 1: Sales Tips from a 25-year Veteran of B2B Sales Tibor Shanto

The Power of Yet Carol S Dweck

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Executive Profile Joanna Murrieta

Understanding and Defining Sales Channels

B2B Marketing: Gaining Multi-Channel ROI

How to Accelerate Growth with an Efficient, Highly Targeted, Multi-Channel Sales Process

Chapter 3

Executive Profile 
Patty Riedl

Sales Management & Leadership 
with Mike Brooks

How Great Leaders Inspire Action

What It Takes to be a Great Leader
Roselinde Torres

Chapter 4

Chris Corcoran

The One Question You Must Ask When Hiring a Salesperson

LinkedIn’s Sales Leader's #1 Interview Question

Recruiting and Hiring Great Salespeople - Top 5 Traits of Salespeople

Chapter 5

Executive Profile Haley Mareno

Think Fast, Talk Smart:
Communication Techniques
Matt Abrahams

How to Manage and Improve Sales Performance

How to Manage and Improve Sales Performance

Chapter 6

Executive Profile 
Nichole Wiley-Marks

How Great Leaders  Inspire Action
Simon Sinek

How to Fuel a High-  Performance Sales Team
C. Lee Smith

Best Practices for Developing Sales Managers
Sales Readiness Group

Chapter 7

Executive Profile 
Mitch Bettis

Why the Secret to Success is
Setting the Right Goals
John Doerr

How to Rescue a Struggling Salesperson
Victor Antonio

3 Questions to Ask Yourself About 
Everything You Do
Stacey Abrams

Chapter 8

Executive Profile
Grant Salisbury

Stop Trying to Motivate Your Employees
Kerry Goyette

5 Best Ways to Motivate Sales Team Members
Dave Lorenzo

Motivating a Demotivated Representative

Chapter 9

Executive Profile
Glenn Gaines

Ethical Leadership

Creating Ethical Cultures in Business
Brooke Deterline

Ethics: Yes, Even When Nobody is Watching
Dawne Ware

Chapter 10

Executive Profile 
Doug Pace

Sales Enablement with Aaron Reed

Sales Tech Stack Guide – Top Sales Tools to Drive Leads

4 Attitudes toward Digital Technology Adoption

Chapter 11

Executive Profile 
Ryan Hoffman

Forecasting Methods Part 1

Forecasting Methods Overview

DATA GEM: How to Create a Business Data Report

Chapter 12

Executive Profile 
Mike Cunningham

The Definitive Guide to Sales Territory Management

Salesforce Maps Territory Planning Demo

Easy Ways to Manage Your Sales Territory

Chapter 13

Executive Profile 
Todd Cione

How to Fuel a High Performance Sales Team

Why the secret to success is setting the right goals

How to rescue a Struggling Salesperson

Chapter 14

Executive Profile 
Michael Obernberger

5 Keys to a Winning Sales Culture

Lets stop talking about diversity and start working towards equity

Here’s How Google’s Blind Lawyer Does His Job


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