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  • Nikolaos Kourentzes

    Nikolaos Kourentzes

    Nikolaos Kourentzes is a Professor in the Skövde Artificial Intelligence Lab at the University of Skövde and in the Department of Management Science at Lancaster University Management School. 

    His background began in Strategic Management, but he quickly changed his interests to Management Science, earning a Ph.D. from Lancaster University in forecasting with neural networks.

    Nikos’ primary research focus is modeling uncertainty in a business forecasting context, whether that concerns model specification and selection, or ways to make forecasts more reliable and robust. His research addresses forecasting issues of aggregation and hierarchies, model combination, promotional modeling, and supply chain collaboration. 

    He has published multiple forecasting-related open-source packages for R, in his attempt to bring current forecasting research to practice. Nikos is on the editorial board of the International Journal of Forecasting.