The Virgin Marketer 4e

The Virgin Marketer 4e

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Author: Noel Capon


New! 2016/2017 updated 4th edition of The Virgin Marketer!
Create Your Market Plan (TVM) is a companion volume to two textbooks: Managing Marketing in the 21st Century (MM21C) and Capon’s Marketing Framework (CMF).  As you read and study the material in your textbook, we hope you will learn a lot about marketing. But no matter how much effort you put into your textbook, and how good a job we have done with MM21C and CMF, that is really only a start. You will only begin to live and breathe the marketing philosophy by getting your hands dirty and actually doing marketing. That is the purpose of TVM. The material in TVM has a very long pedigree, with many well-known domestic and multi -national firms having used selections and/or variations of the frameworks to develop actionable market plans. 
In its current version, TVM has guided the development of market plans for well over 30 organizations, large and small. These organizations are listed in Appendix 1. In the chapters that follow, we guide you through the marketing process, from insight to action. For each chapter in your textbook, there is a parallel chapter in TVM. In MM21C and CMF, we describe marketing in terms of marketing as a philosophy, six marketing imperatives that encompass the job of strategic marketing, four marketing principles, and the insights each marketer must secure to be successful. We use many examples that best describe each of the important ideas. In TVM, you, the reader, choose the firm, business, or other organization that is most interesting or meaningful to you. We want you to select a marketing case to try out your new knowledge, so that you can develop and hone your marketing skills. We designed the material in Appendix 2 to also help you enhance your own intellectual capital.

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