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Sales Management Simulation

Sales Management Simulation

$ 40.00 USD
Sales Management Simulation by: Ahearne, Capon, and Sujan
Available for just $40.00 per Student!


Wessex Press is pleased to invite you to explore The Sales Management Simulation (SMS). SMS is now ready to incorporate into your sales management courses. Designed by sales management experts, Professors Mike Ahearne (Houston), Noel Capon (Columbia), and Harish Sujan (Tulane), SMS is what your course needs to better prepare your students to compete in the real-business world.

SMS offers you the opportunity to let your students practice for real what you are teaching them in class for just $40.00 per student. SMS brings the real world of sales management into your class to reinforce your course content in an interesting and interactive manner.

SMS is an internet-based simulation designed for use in sales management courses. SMS offers an innovative approach to sales simulations because it focuses on sales management practices more than on any other sales aspect. Students in teams, assuming the role of sales managers for a large industrial manufacturer, submit decisions online. Professors can run the simulation from their desktops. Results are displayed automatically.

SMS enables students to explore better ways to recruit, select, train, and compensate salespeople, assign sales territories, and allocate salesperson time. Industry growth, pricing strategy, inventory management also affect results. Market research reports help participants make strategic choices. Student teams make several sequential decisions as they learn to improve their sales management decision-making skills.

To learn more about SMS and/or schedule a free 30-minute training session, please click on our instructor access request form.

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