Customer-Centric Selling 2nd Ed. by Jeff Krawitz

Customer-Centric Selling 2nd Ed. by Jeff Krawitz

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This book examines all aspects of implementing a professional consultative sales organization. It can be read cover-to-cover for a comprehensive perspective, or chapter-by-chapter for a more topical view, based on your needs and interests. A new section has been added addressing selling in a virtual world of audio-only and zoom meetings. It is divided into three Parts: 
  • Part A: “The Worlds of Selling and Sales” compares traditional to consultative selling. While each approach is tasked with generating revenue for their company, how they accomplish that, and what other tasks they do, are fundamentally different. Part A provides a context for many of the concepts and skills offered throughout the text.
  • Part B: “Consultative Selling and the Buy Process” discusses how a consultative salesperson interfaces with each customer based on their buy process and how they make the many decisions that impact their ultimate purchase. Part B provides a “big picture” view of how consultative salespeople remain focused and manage their time to provide optimum influence on their customers.
  • Part C: “Consultative Selling Skills” describes many of the most important skills and protocols to establish, build, and benefit from consultative partnerships. As such, they are stand-alone skills that can be used independently … yet are optimized when used in conjunction with each other.

Note to Professors and Instructors: Support materials, including an Instructor’s
Manual, PowerPoint slide decks, in-class student exercises for the
skills, and a comprehensive student project are available. In addition, adopters
who meet certain parameters will be entitled to personal consultation with the
author in developing their courses.

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