Case Studies In Managing Key, Strategic, and Global Customers

Case Studies In Managing Key, Strategic, and Global Customers

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Author: Noel Capon and Christoph Senn


The perfect supplementary text for any global account management course!
In recent years, many corporations large and small, based in many countries around the world, have developed key, strategic, and global account management programs. Correspondingly, business schools, consulting organizations, and the Strategic Account Management Association (SAMA) offer courses for practicing managers. Additionally, business schools provide courses for graduate and undergraduate students, often supplementing courses on sales management and personal selling. To some extent, these courses suffer from a lack of cases studies of real-life account management situations. This volume is an attempt to redress that situation. Some cases are traditional long-form cases; others are merely a single paragraph. Regardless, each case focuses on a particular account management issue. Some cases require extensive preparation; other cases can be assigned just a few minutes before class discussion. This book is available in printed from an as an e-book. We use print-on-demand technology. Hence, we anticipate updating the book from time-to-time with additional cases as they become available.

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