Capon's Marketing Essentials, by Noel Capon

Capon's Marketing Essentials, by Noel Capon

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Author: Noel Capon


At 186 pages and 20 chapters, Capon's Marketing Essentials provides the essence of marketing.

Developed by popular request, Capon’s Marketing Essentials highlights the key features of developing and implementing market strategy, in an easy-to-read and much smaller volume than either Managing Marketing in the 21st Century or Capon’s Marketing Framework. What Capon’s Marketing Essentials lacks in examples, it makes up for in conciseness. Students gain an excellent understanding of marketing.

Capon’s Marketing Essentials contains Internet links to additional material, video/audio interviews, and multiple choice and true/false questions and answers.

Note: The Virgin Marketer: Create Your Market Plan has a long history of use in corporations around the world. It is a valuable resource for developing market plans. 


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