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Sociology 12e by Jon Shepard

Sociology 12e by Jon Shepard

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Sociology 12ed offers students a window to absorb the interesting aspects sociology—with its perspectives, concepts, theories, and research findings – without losing them in density of material that is a barrier in many texts. The author is known for presenting material that is comprehensive, readable, theoretically and empirically sound . . . but in a clear and interesting manner so students will be successful as they grapple to learn about the social factors that promote patterned behavior in themselves and others. 

Sociology 12e encourages critical thinking about conventional wisdom through the development of the“sociological imagination”—the mind-set that enables individuals to see the relationship between events in their personal lives and events in their society. To this end, each chapter opens with a question about some aspect of social life. The answer to each question contradicts a popular or common sense belief. Sometimes the question will focus on a result that even sociologists doubted until a sufficient amount of convincing research was done. The correct answer is given at the beginning of the chapter and further elaboration of the explanation will be within the chapter itself. This theme of “questioning” what they are reading continues throughout each chapter. 

The textbook design retains the same dynamic, pedagogically sound format of past editions, blending theory and application to continue to stimulate students to become critical thinkers and active learners.In chapter enhancement features include the latest sources, maps, illustrations, critical thinking scenarios, and in chapter check lists. 

In chapter boxes include Sociology in Your Life, Consider This Research an examination of research methodology, Accent on Theory and integrated coverage of global and cultural perspectives.




Part One: Sociological Perspectives
Chapter 1 The Sociological Perspective
Chapter 2 Social Research

Part Two: The Foundations of Social Structure
Chapter 3 Culture
Chapter 4 Socialization
Chapter 5 Social Structure and Society
Chapter 6 Groups and Organizations
Chapter 7 Deviance and Social Control

Part Three: Social Inequality
Chapter 8 Social Stratification
Chapter 9 Inequalities of Race and Ethnicity
Chapter 10 Inequalities of Gender

Part Four: Social Institutions
Chapter 11 Family
Chapter 12 Education
Chapter 13 Political and Economic Institutions
Chapter 14 Religion
Chapter 15 Healthcare and Aging
Chapter 16 Sport

Part Five: Social Change
Chapter 17 Population and Urbanization
Chapter 18 Social Change and Collective Behavior

Jon Shepard

Jon Shepard is Head and Pamplin professor of Management at Virginia Tech. His current area of specialization is Ethics in Business. 

He obtained his Ph.D. in Sociology from Michigan State University, M.A. from the University of Kentucky, and B.A. from Georgetown University. 

While an undergraduate at Georgetown, Jon was inspired and nurtured by his Sociology professor, Richard Scudder. His goal, in turn, has been to stimulate his students to become more active learners, and to provide them with life-long benefits from the slant on social life that sociology provides. 

“Sociology--with its perspectives, concepts, theories, and research findings—offers a window on the social forces that affect us all daily. This perspective is vital for students as they grapple to understand the social factors that promote patterned behavior in themselves and others.” 

After completing his Ph.D., Jon taught introductory sociology and the sociology of organizations at the University of Kentucky. He also has taught courses in Business and Professional Ethics, Ethical and Regulatory Environment, Law, Business and Society, Organization Behavior, Organization Theory and Principles of Management. 

For 14 years, he led the Virginia Tech Department of Management. Jon has received numerous teaching awards at both universities, including the University of Kentucky Great Teacher Award. 

He is the author of 10 books and more than 40 professional journal articles, as well as a journal referee, and has presented at academic conferences around the world. 

Jon is a member of the Academy of Management and the American Sociological Association. 


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