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Let's Discuss: Second-Language Learners Share Ideas –  Teacher's Edition

Let's Discuss: Second-Language Learners Share Ideas – Teacher's Edition

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Whether English-language learners are younger or older, beginners or advanced,they likely have already tired of staged conversations about seeking directions or

ordering at a restaurant. Why not get them involved in authentic conversations with one another about issues that matter — issues that are worth talking about?
The program described in this book has been used successfully with teens across several countries in developing their critical thinking and writing skills by
engaging them in debate with their peers about significant issues, beginning with the personal and then extending to their communities, nation, and world. The features of the program and book make it ideal for use as a supplementary source for students learning English as a second language.

Deanna Kuhn

Deanna Kuhn is a professor of psychology and education at Columbia Teachers College. She is a cognitive and educational psychologist, and a member of the National Academy of Education.

Her primary concern is with how best to educate students to prepare them for their adult roles in the workplace, and in their personal lives as life-long learners and as citizens. She is a leading expert in the promotion of dialog to develop students’ critical thinking and writing skills.

Deanna’s work has been published widely in publications ranging from Psychological Review to Harvard Educational Review. Her books include: Education for Thinking, The Skills of Argument, The Development of Scientific Thinking Skills, Argue with Me: Argument as a Path to Developing Students’ Thinking and Writing.

Her most recent book, Building our Best Future: Thinking Critically About Ourselves and Our World, is written directly to middle and secondary students. The text uses peer dialog to develop verbal and written skills of argument and critical thinking. 



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