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How To Win Friends And Influence People

On Thursday March 27, I took British Airways’ (BA) day flight from JFK to Heathrow. On Saturday I was due to talk about customer value to a group of high-level strategic account directors at a global software company. I planned to tell them that success in value delivery would guarantee customer satisfaction and enable them to retain and grow their customers, increase profits, and lead to greater shareholder value. I relaxed in my Club World backward-facing seat and concentrated on the task ahead.

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Marketing Rules On The Campaign Trail

Barack Obama did not go to business school, but he will win the U.S. presidency because he understands the core principle of developing a market strategy - the positioning statement. Similar to how L'Oreal became an industry leader by telling a consistent story to its customers ("Because You're Worth It"), Barack Obama has offered voters a consistent message: "The Change We Need." It's everywhere: in his speeches, in the advertising, and in the placards held his by supporters at campaign events. By contrast, John McCain's message has been inconsistent and confused.

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The Man Behind The Case

During the past 35 years, FedEx (formerly Federal Express) has grown from the U.S.’s largest venture capital start-up to a global leader in shipping and logistics. Under CEO Fred Smith, many people have contributed to FedEx’s success, but few are aware of the role played by someone who was not even employed by the company.

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The C4I: Capon’s Customer-Centric CEO Index

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a valuable tool for companies seeking to understand the degree of customer loyalty they enjoy. In part, NPS's appeal is its simplicity; customers answer just one question. NPS is simply the percent of customers that actively promote your product less the percent of customers that are active detractors. In a similar spirit, Capon's Customer-Centric CEO Index (C4I) is a simple measure of your firm's degree of customer orientation.

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