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  • Wessex Press Launches Interactive Capon’s Entrepreneurs Gallery

    Wessex Press Launches Interactive Capon’s Entrepreneurs Gallery

    Even before the onset of COVID-19 challenged — and transformed — the traditional course of education, students were demanding more innovative, interactive approaches to the study of Marketing. With the launch of Capon’s Entrepreneurs Gallery, Wessex Press is meeting the need for an enhanced approach to learning.

    Capon’s Entrepreneurs Gallery is a compendium of video case studies that showcase start-ups. The Gallery is designed to provide Marketing and Sales professors with material to construct class sessions focused on a diverse group of successful entrepreneurial start-ups.

    This new tool focuses on entrepreneurial ventures in response to the shift among students who increasingly are interested in starting their own businesses versus seeking employment exclusively from established organizations.

    “Perhaps this is not so surprising given the great success of highly visible recent start-ups like Airbnb, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google and Uber,” said Noel Capon, Wessex Press Chair.

    Capon’s Entrepreneurs Gallery puts the spotlight on 15 entrepreneurial start-ups, ranging from food delivery in New York City to education in Beijing. Each profile includes:

    • Name and location of the featured start-up

    • Founder/CEO

    • Brief description of the organization

    • A link to a 20- to 30-minute video interview with the founder/CEO via a provided code

    • A link to the start-up’s website

    For example, in his Market Strategy class at Columbia University, Professor Capon uses these materials for students to prepare a preliminary market plan so they can learn by doing this important process.

    To access Capon’s Entrepreneurs Gallery, click here