Sales Management 2nd Edition, by Tanner, Honeycutt, and Erffmeyer

Sales Management 2nd Edition, by Tanner, Honeycutt, and Erffmeyer

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Author: Jeff Tanner, Earl Honeycutt, Robert C. Erffmeyer


The second edition of Sales Management: Shaping Future Sales Leaders was updated with new academic sources and practical examples that improve your students’ understanding of the material. Each chapter opening features a practicing sales manager who advised us about the chapter, and discusses how his or her firm manages its sales team. In each chapter you will find special boxed sections on ethics, technology, and/or global issues.

At the end of each chapter we have added a new section, Managing Your Career, to help students better understand why the material is personally important to them. We also provide a suggested role-play for each chapter to engage the students and help reinforce chapter content. Plus, you will find two short cases (caselets) per chapter that students can read quickly, and that you can use to either introduce or summarize the chapter. These features really help make your classroom interactive!

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B&W Soft Cover 978-0-9897013-5-8
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