The Dictionary of Selling Terminology by Pamela Peterson & Kent Kubie

The Dictionary of Selling Terminology by Pamela Peterson & Kent Kubie

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The authors’ primary intention in writing The Dictionary of Selling Terminology is to provide a definitive and comprehensive reference list of the terminology and definitions used by sellers and buyers on a global basis to address the necessity for a standardized and universal sales language to mitigate the confusion and ambiguity inherent in the selling and buying language due to definitional differences.

The Dictionary is written for sales professionals, including Chief Sales Officers, Chief Revenue Officers, field and inside salespeople, Frontline Sales Managers, Chief Learning Officers, sales enablement and operations directors, Key Account Managers, business development directors, as well as marketing professionals. However, professionals who serve in supporting functional roles such as finance, legal, operations, and all of the internal and external stakeholders will gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of what it is like to walk in the shoes of the sales professional and the buyer.

The Dictionary is also a valuable resource for those professionals who have accountability for the Supply Chain and Procurement functions and is also an essential resource for Sales, Supply Chain Management, and Marketing professors and their students

Pamela Peterson

Pamela has more than 30 years of diversified experience in sales, strategy, key account management, and marketing at the national and global level with a proven track record of driving long-term sustainable growth. Her industry expertise includes professional service firms and industrial and durable goods manufacturers ranging in size from start-ups to Fortune 100 corporations. She has significant experience in managing complex initiatives across highly matrixed organizations with multiple stakeholders. Equally conversant in the sales and marketing disciplines, she specializes in defining and executing go-to-market strategy, linking sales to strategy, identifying, and capitalizing on new product and market opportunities, building brand equity, and creating viable sales enablement tools. Pamela is recognized for her ability to grow sales, market share, and margins in both the core markets and adjacent markets.

The Dictionary of Selling Terminology, 2021, Wessex Press, Inc. was the result of her ongoing observations of the financial and reputational risk inherent due to the ambiguity in the language used by buyers and sellers. She is coauthoring a new book with Professor Noel Capon Selling by the Numbers; Financial Investigation and Analysis©. In addition, she is coauthoring the Buyer and Seller Processes: A Stakeholder Perspective© (October 2021) Pamela joined The Malcolm McDonald Academy (MMA) and Market2Win in 2019. She is tasked with curriculum development and as well as teaching and research. In addition, she is serving as the Managing Director, Americas.

From 2008 through 2018, Pamela taught in the College of Business Administration at the University of Nebraska Omaha (UNO). In that position, she taught upper-division and graduate courses in sales, key account management, and marketing. During her tenure at UNO, she developed several new sales courses, including Global Strategic Account Management, Fundamentals of Selling, Consultative Selling Principles, Selling in an Entrepreneurial Context, Selling Financial Services, and Predictive Analytics for the Sales Function. Her research interests include sales ethics and ethical decision -making, buyer and seller pipeline processes, finance competencies requisite to the selling function, and non-cognitive sales competencies underlying superior sales performance. Professor Malcolm McDonald, Emeritus, Cranfield University, and Dr. Noel Capon, Columbia University, are her primary research partners.

Prior to this she served as the Global Marketing Lead for Accenture’s Security Practice from 2006 to 2007. Her responsibilities included managing all the marketing and business development initiatives as well as serving as the liaison for the Practice’s joint ventures and strategic alliances. She drove new business opportunities with Global Fortune 500 corporations and large government and healthcare organizations, which led to significant increases in revenue and margin year over year. Ms. Peterson received her MBA from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Kent Kubie

Kent Kubie has had the privilege of working with some of the leading IT and business professionals in the country at the top Fortune 100 accounts. He has 30 years of experience in IT Consulting, Engineering, Sales and Sales Leadership, and 15 years in healthcare with providers, bio tech and insurance companies. With a background in accounting and engineering, Kent brings a unique view to clients on how they can get value out of their assets. In his current role, he focuses on helping healthcare providers maximize their capital and expense dollars to provide the best outcomes for their organizations.

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“Dictionaries have been with us for centuries, millennia even, bringing together our collective knowledge and understanding of our language and the words we use. It is hard to imagine innovation in this area and yet the compilation of a dictionary for sales professionals is truly innovative. This significant work offers a ‘go to’ source for all sales professionals offering this community the opportunity to share and enjoy a common language. Ultimately, it will help in bringing greater clarity throughout the sales process and with it the potential of sales success.” Mark C. Bailey, Non-Executive Director / Consultant / Executive Coach; former Group Director, Customer & Services, Rolls-Royce plc
“This Dictionary is a truly significant body of work which has taken a huge effort to achieve. Sales professionals are in the business of communication, so a dictionary of the language of selling is long overdue. This is especially true, as selling is often complex with multiple stakeholders located in multiple geographic locations. Clear communication throughout the selling process is, therefore, an essential and key driver of sales success.” Edmund Bradford, author of Marketing Navigation and Managing Director, Market2Win Ltd
“Firms are successful when customers recommend and purchase their products and services. Sellers are frequently critical in effecting this result. But they must know what they are talking about: Words matter. In this Dictionary of Selling Terminology, Peterson and Kubie have produced an invaluable resource for salespeople and sales managers the world over. Don’t leave home without it!” Noel Capon, R.C. Kopf Professor of International Marketing, Columbia Business School; author of Sales Eats First and The Front-Line Sales Manager
“Finally! Thank you, Pamela Peterson and Kent Kubie, for giving the sales profession its first, robust dictionary! Our unique vocabulary found in your dictionary will educate and inform our profession. Well done!” David Cichelli, The Alexander Group, Inc, Revenue Growth Advisor; author of Compensating the Sales Force, 3rd Edition

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